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At Williams Environmental Group, we utilize “state of the art” technology to assess the condition of the property that we are inspecting. The most valuable tool that our assessors have are moisture detection tools. Two essential pieces of equipment are the moisture meter and thermal camera which look at a building in a way that the naked eye simply cannot. Early detection is your best defense against avoiding expensive remediation bills, hence having the proper equipment at our disposal is a huge advantage in the fight against mold. You can be assured if there are any places where water is lurking or hiding, we will locate it.

Mold testing and lab reports are used to describe and verify mold spore levels in your home or business. Air sampling is done by comparing one or more samples taken from inside to an outside sample that serves as a control and sets a baseline for what is acceptable. Whenever any visible growth is present, we will recommend that a surface sample is taken. Matching up the species of mold in the air with the physical sample ensures we have found the source of a problem. Swab samples are vital to the process to verify the harmful molds which lay on the surfaces but are not easily airborne.

Background and Experience
As the owner of Williams Environmental Group, Jerome Williams has thirteen years of experience in the restoration industry including being Certified in Environmental Assessment, Certified Mold Remediation Tech, Certified in Allergy Abatement, Certified in EPA Lead Safe Practices, Certified in Water Restoration as well as Certified in Smoke & Fire Restoration.

We are not a remediation or treatment company. We have no vested interest in finding mold that would require expensive treatment. We do not receive sales commissions from remediation companies. We perform professional, industry standard inspections and sampling procedures. We will recommend remediation only when it is really required.

If remediation is required, we will refer you to a qualified professional remediation company that we have personally reviewed. Williams Environmental will write a remediation Scope of Work that will guide the remediation company, so that you will only pay for the treatment you actually need.

Proudly serving Burlington County, Camden County, Mercer County, Middlesex County and Monmouth County.

Contact us at 609-293-4951

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